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Available Infrastructure Facilities

Total land area earmarked for the existing teacher training programme 5665.55 Sq.M
Total built up area 3807.17 Sq.M
S.No. Name of the Room Area in Sq.ft.
1 Class Rooms One class room of minimum size of 500 sq.ft.(five hundred square feet) for every 50 students.
  1. 763.75 Sq.ft.
  2. 687.35 Sq.ft.
  3. 687.35 Sq.ft.
  4. 688.91 Sq.ft.
2 Multipurpose Hall with seating capacity of two hundred and a dias with total areas of 2000 sq.ft (Two thousand square feet) 2178.44 Sq.ft.
3 Library-cum-resource centre 1413.29 Sq.ft.
4 ICT Resource Centre with at leaast 10 computers with internet facility 687.35 Sq.ft.
5 Curriculum Resource Centre (with science and maths kits, maps,globes,chemicals,science kits etc) 935.27 Sq.ft.
6 Art and Work Experience / Resource centre(s) 669.08 Sq.ft.
7 Educational Toys Room 334.54 Sq.ft.
8 Health and Physical Education Resource Centre 406.12 Sq.ft.
9 Principal's office 687.35 Sq.ft.
10 Staff Room 573.60 Sq.ft.
11 Administrative Office 236.05 Sq.ft.
12 Common room ( separately for men and women student teachers) 325.53 Sq.ft.
13 Canteen 1339.60 Sq.ft.
14 Store Room (two) 395.56 Sq.ft
15 Separate Toilet Facility for men and women student teachers and staff out of which one should be for PWD 1106.97 Sq.ft.
16 Visitors Room 539 Sq.ft.
17 Seminar Room 687.58 Sq.ft.
18 Instrumental music room with mirrors 334.54 Sq.ft.
19 Vocal music room with mirror 334.54 Sq.ft.
20 Performing Arts Resource Centre with mirrors 660 Sq.ft.
21 Dance Room with mirrors 687.58 Sq.ft
22 Area of play ground 8160 Sq.ft
23 Total Build up area in the Building 40980.06 Sq.ft.


Our library stocks an exhaustive collection of Books, Educational journals on various subjects, annuals, biannuals, monthlies, weeklies and daily issues. A number of reference books CD ROM's (e-reference, encyclopedia, web-references etc., are also available along with audio and video cassettes.)

Library Details

S.No. Details Total Particulars
1 Room Area 131.3 Sq.meter
2 Seating Capacity 60 nos.
3 Volumes 8056 nos.
4 Titles 5451 nos.
5 Text Books 250 nos.
6 Reference Books 504 nos.
7 Journals & Magazines 9 nos.
8 Multimedia 123 nos.
9 Books in book-bank 213 nos.
10 Encyclopedia 106 nos.
11 News Papers 3 nos.
12 Internet Connection Available


Physical Science and Biology Laboratory:

Separate well-equipped, spacious laboratories for Educational psychology, Educational technology, Physical science, Biological science, Computer science and Language are available with updated modern scientific equipments to conduct practical in the concerned subjects.

  • Laboratory is completely furnished, spacious and fully equipped with the latest instruments.
  • Can hold 25 students for each session.
  • The laboratory setup is in such a way that both theory and practical classes can be taken simultaneously thus functioning as a lecture cum demonstration room.


  • Laboratory is fully furnished, spacious and equipped with the latest instruments.
  • Laboratory can occupy 30 numbers of students for performing the practical at a time.
  • The laboratory setup is in such a way that both theory and practical classes can be taken simultaneously.
  • Laboratory is also equipped with latest fire fighting extinguishers.
  • Laboratory is also equipped with latest security systems.

Psychology Laboratory:

Psychology has established itself as a science. It is considered as the positive science which studies the behavior of men and animals. So far the behavior is regarded as an expression of that inner life of thought and feeling which we call mental life.

We can study the behavior of man and animals by using psychological tests. Psychological tests are just like the other scientific tests to that extent to which the observation of individual behavior is done on a carefully chosen sample. These psychological tests are applied on men and animals in a laboratory which we know as Psychology Lab. It provides favorable conditions to apply these tests on living organisms


Healthy meals and nutritious snacks at modest rates are served at our canteen for both the students and staff on all working days. The Annai Catering one of the popular eatery of Madurai holds proprietorship for our campus. Special efforts are taken by the canteen staff to ensure hygiene in both the preparation and serving of food.


A college bus plies on a regular basis for all our students picking them up and dropping them in their respective places. The bus crew assures safe journey for all the commuters with a special emphasis on punctuality and friendliness.