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Message for Future Teachers

Teachers are the nationís unsung heroes

In spite of the forces arrayed against you, do not give up or give in, because you are all that stands between our children and dehumanization. There is no scale that can measure love, sympathy for others, imagination and humor. You are our hope, you are our future. Stay true, stay strong. Someday the nation will recognize that your visions, and your best practices, are the only sure path to improving our schools.

To elevate TVS Teacher Training Academy as a leading teacher training institution in the state and in the country, by providing a culturally and socially rich learning environment, to achieve educational excellence in a supportive and secure climate; to prepare our trainee students to achieve a high level of academic proficiency and become successful and effective preceptors, critical thinkers, risk-takers, problem solvers engaged in life-long learning and empowered to achieve personal, educational and career goals in a culturally diverse, ever-changing international scenario; to help in building the global community and make contributions to the world society; succeed as responsible citizens in the changing world and to become global leaders, to make our institute one of the model institutes where student trainees are trained on how to teach, create, lead and innovate.


To build Confident, Competent and Compassionate CITIZENS through value based quality education.

Our Mission :

The mission of the college run by Lakshmi Vidya Sangham is to provide a very high quality education. To provide learning environment for student teachers to develop their professional skills with human values and ready to serve the society.


To develop skills of teacher trainees which are necessary for classroom transaction.
To provide exposure to teacher trainees for improving the quality of teaching.
To instill the values of punctuality and discipline among the teacher trainees.
To sensitize the teacher trainees to the needs of the society through community based programmes.
To provide teacher trainees with placement services.
To address the emotional concerns of the teacher trainees through immediate counselling.

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