Campus Placement

Placement is a process of assigning a specific job to each of the selected candidates. It involves assigning a specific rank and responsibility to an individual. It implies matching the requirements of a job with the qualifications of the candidate.

Objectives of Campus Placement Cell:

 To provide career opportunities to the Second Year Students who have registered for campus placement.

 To provide placement for the Second Year Students in reputed schools.

 To coordinate with schools and organize campus interviews.

 Provide 100% placement to all the Second Year Students who have registered.

Purpose of the Placement Cell:

 Strengthen the partnership with top schools in and around Madurai.

 Send branded teacher ambassadors of TTA to serve the community.

 Helps to upgrade the quality of the training in the college understanding the expectations of the recruiting schools.

 Makes the process of getting a job in a school easy for the Second Year students.